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Onna Sensui Diving Shop has been owned by the same family since it was established over half a century ago. Currently three staff provide services in both Japanese and English.



Zuke-san, owner of Onna Sensui Diving Shop

Zuke-sanBorn in Naha, Zuke-san is responsible for the operation of Onna Sensui Diving Shop and his motto when diving is “Safety first!”. He is also interested in marine environment protection and conservation. As an instructor he always conducts his classes in small groups. In addition, he owns a compressor and is in charge of air fills and inspection of the scuba tanks of many dive operators in Okinawa. Zuke-san is also a master at making custom wetsuits. A typical uchinanchu (Okinawan island person), he is extremely friendly and cheerful and enjoys good food and interesting conversations in his free time. So, after a day of diving together, please join him for a relaxing BBQ!


Tomoko-san, wife of Zuke-san

Tomoko-sanTomoko-san grew up in Onna and is the daughter of the original owner of Onna Sensui Diving Shop. She is responsible for tank filling, delivery, visual inspection and wetsuit production. She is also a very busy mom, having four wonderful children. She would be happy to welcome you at Onna Sensui and will do her best to make sure you have the best possible experience!


George, staff

GeorgeGeorge came to Okinawa several years ago after having lived around the world for some time. He fell in love with the Okinawan sea and would be happy to show its wonders to you. He can speak English, German and French, as well as Japanese, so he would be able to accommodate you whatever language you feel most comfortable with. As a foreigner, he can also offer you a western perspective on the Okinawan lifestyle and explain many interesting aspects of the unique Okinawan island culture. In his free time, George is an avid tec diver.


Peace-chan, shopkeeper

Peace-chanPeace-chan is not yet a diver, and maybe will never be, but she is the cute four-legged shopkeeper at Onna Sensui Diving Shop. She loves to overeat and occasionally bark at the cars passing by. She is very friendly and will greet you by wagging her short tail and grunting with her flat nose.



Yoshiharu Omine
Yoshiharu Omine

Onna Sensui (from Japanese 恩納潜水, meaning Onna Diving) was originally established by Yoshiharu Omine in 1963 as a fishing shop. Then, four years later, Omine-san became certified as a PADI instructor in the resort of Shirahama in Wakayama prefecture and converted Onna Sensui into a diving shop. At that time Okinawa was still a US territory and there was only one diving shop on base where the US military personnel could get trained in scuba diving. In addition, there were only four PADI instructors on the entire island, which was highly insufficient to meet the growing demand. Onna Sensui was thus a huge novelty as the first off-base diving shop and, thanks to the fact that Omine-san could speak English, it originally attracted predominantly American customers who were seeking to get certified as divers. Over the years Onna Sensui acquired a compressor for air fills and gradually shifted its focus towards working with Japanese tourists.

Onna Sensui brochure from 1982

Around the turn of the century Tomoko-san, daughter of the original owner Omine-san, married Yoshitaka Zukeyama, who became the new owner of Onna Sensui Diving Shop. He expanded the shop activities by adding facilities for hydraulic scuba tank inspection as well as metalicon refurbishment of aging steel scuba tanks. He also started manufacturing custom wetsuits and became very skillful at it.

In recent years, Okinawa has become an attractive tourist destination not only for Japanese nationals, but also for foreigners, which necessitates providing modern services in English. However, we would still like to keep the traditional feel of the shop so that when you become our guests, you get immersed not only in the beautiful Okinawan sea, but also into the welcoming Okinawan culture!

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