Adventure Diver

Adventure Diver Course

The Adventure Diver Course is not a very widely known certification. The course consists of three so-called "adventure dives" which are the first dives of the respective diving specialty courses. All three of the adventure dives are elective and can be chosen among a number of options - peak performance buoyancy, search and recovery, boat, night, self-reliant, underwater scooter, underwater photography, underwater naturalist, nitrox, etc. For example, if a participant chooses to do the deep adventure dive, this dive is the same as the first of four dives of the Deep Diver Specialty course. During the course participants gain further experience beyond the foundational diving skills which allows them to become more safe and seasoned divers.

Price: ¥ 32500

Duration: 1 day

Notes: Gear rental is not included in the price. Full dive gear can be rented for an additional ¥ 4500 for the duration of the course. One boat and four shore dives are included. It is possible to substitute some of the shore dives with boat dives for an additional fee.
Our Enriched Air (Nitrox) course can be taken concurrently with our Adventure Diver Course at a discounted price. Please inquire if interested.
The Adventure Diver Course is not very widely-known. One way in which it can be useful is for specialties that require a minimum of an Adventure Diver certification for enrolment. For example, the Deep Diver Specialty Course has the Adventure Diver certification as the minimum prerequisite. Therefore, an Open Water Diver who wishes to become a Deep Diver can elect to become an Adventure Diver, thus bypassing becoming an Advanced Open Water Diver and saving some time and money in the process.