Deep Diver

Deep Diver Specialty Course

Going deep should never be a goal in and of itself, however there are some dive sites that do require going deep. In such cases it is critical to have proper training. The Deep Diver Specialty Course aims to teach the necessary skills to perform deep dives in a safe and enjoyable way. It includes a theory module and three open water dives (for people with an AOW certification) Emphasis is placed on gas management, including measurement and calculation of surface air consumption (SAC) rates, effects of narcosis, color and volume changes, understanding the theory behind oxygen toxicity and decompression algorithms, emergency decompression procedures, and proper buddy techniques. Participants who successfully complete the course are qualified to perform non-decompression dives to a maximum depth of 40 meters. Being a Deep Diver is also a prerequisite for any technical diving courses.

Price: ¥ 32500

Duration: 1-2 days

Notes: This course is open to anyone with an Adventure Diver certification or higher.
Gear rental is not included in the price. Full dive gear can be rented for an additional ¥ 4500 for the duration of the course. All dives are from the shore. It is possible to substitute some of the shore dives with boat dives for an additional fee.
If you are considering the Deep Diver Specialty Course, please keep in mind the USS Emmons wreck which is located at a depth of 40 meters and is an excellent example of a dive site which requires a Deep Diver Specialty certification.
If you are an Open Water Diver only and are interested in becoming a Deep Diver, you need to become an Adventure Diver first. In that case the Adventure Diver Course and Deep Diver Course can be taken back to back.