Okinawa Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

HibiscusOnna Sensui Diving Shop offers a variety of marine activities on Okinawa main island including fun diving for certified divers, discover scuba diving for guests without a diving license, snorkeling, and scuba certification courses. We cater for a wide range of levels - from those who are anxious about making their first encounter with the underwater world to seasoned veterans with thousands of dives in their logbooks. We keep our groups small to ensure that everyone receives plenty of individual attention from the guide and never mix participants with vastly different abilities. Please join us for an ocean adventure and let us make your Okinawan memories unforgettable!

Fun Diving

Okinawa fun divingIf you have a diving license, then the fun diving trips that we organize are for you! We usually visit dive sites in the Cape Manza area, which are among the most beautiful on Okinawa main island. However, depending on your wishes, we could also organize tours to the Maeda Blue Cave as well as further locations. The duration of one dive is approximately 40-45 minutes and the dive sites and depth to which we would guide you depend on your certification and experience level as well as on the sea conditions on that day. In case you do not have your own gear with you, do not worry, you can rent everything you need from us. We recommend boat diving as this is the most relaxing way to enjoy the ocean. However, if you feel adventurous enough, you can also choose shore diving, although that option is available only in the absence of waves and would limit the number of locations we could take you to.

Price List

  BOAT ENTRY (Manzamo and Maeda areas) BOAT ENTRY (Further locations) BEACH ENTRY
1 dive / day ¥ 8900 N/A ¥ 6800
2 dives / day ¥ 13100 ¥ 17850 ¥ 8900
Each additional dive on the same day ¥ 5250 ¥ 5250 ¥ 4200
Diving gear / day ¥ 3500
Okinawa fun divers
Eagle rays
Fun dive bubble ring

Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)

Okinawa discover scuba divingIf you do not have a diving license, but are eager to discover what hides beneath the ocean surface, then sign up for our discover scuba diving trips! During that program, you will receive a short dive safety training and will familiarize yourself with the gear that you will be using, following which you will be guided to a maximum depth of 12 meters (usually 3-6 meters) in the water where you will get a chance to explore the corals, play with starfish and sea cucumbers, as well as feed the colorful tropical fish! Some of our guests are lucky enough to even spot a turtle, octopus, or a ray! We will take plenty of pictures during your tour so that you can preserve your underwater memories for the years to come and share them with others. The entire program takes approximately 2.5-3 hours, while the dive itself lasts about 30 minutes. Please remember that you cannot fly by airplane on the same day after you have completed your discover scuba dive.

Price List

Discover scuba diving ¥ 11000 ¥ 8900
Diving gear FREE
Discover scuba diving corals
Discover scuba diving feeding fish
Discover scuba diving sea star


Okinawa snorkeling feeding fishIf you would like to peek at the underwater world, but would prefer to do so from the surface, then choose our snorkeling trips! Even if you cannot swim, do not worry, the guide will always be in close proximity and we also provide all the safety gear so that you can comfortably and effortlessly float on the surface. Just prepare yourself to be amazed by the beauty of the ocean and dip your face in the water. The most fun that the majority of our guests have is when they feed the tropical fish! The pictures we take of you, which you will receive as a present at the end, will make sure to keep a smile on your face well after the trip is over! The time spent in the water is approximately 45 minutes.

Price List

Snorkeling ¥ 8900 ¥ 5800
Snorkeling gear FREE
Okinawa snorkeling Maeda blue cave
Okinawa snorkeling sunlight
Okinawa snorkleing nemo


If you are eager to combine discover scuba diving and snorkeling on the same day, we offer a package which includes both of these activities at a special discounted price!

Price List

Discover scuba diving + Snorkeling ¥ 15000 ¥ 11500
Diving + Snorkeling gear FREE
ANA hotel
Turtle under boat

Certification Courses

Onna Sensui scuba coursesIf you have decided to take the step to become a fully certified diver or improve your existing skills, then sign up for one of our certification courses. We offer the full range of PADI courses, including Open Water (OW), Advanced Open Water (AOW), Rescue, as well as many specialties. The absolute minimum time that our two most popular courses take to complete is 2.5 days for OW and 2 days for AOW. However, please keep in mind that due to unfavorable weather conditions, such a tight schedule might not always be possible, so we advise guests to allow for at least one extra day just in case. Furthermore, the prices below include training beach dives only. It is possible to substitute some of the training beach dives with boat dives for an additional 2000 yen per dive. Finally, when scheduling your vacation, please remember that you cannot fly by airplane at least 18 hours after you have completed your final certification dive.

Price List

Open Water Course ¥ 45000
Advanced Open Water Course ¥ 42000
Onna Sensui open water course graduation
Onna Sensui boat
Onna Sensui skill training

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