Okinawa Fun Diving

Fun diving

If you have a scuba diving license, then the Okinawa fun diving trips that we organize are for you!

The more consecutive days you dive with our dive shop, the cheaper it gets!

If you have not brought your own gear with you, do not worry, you can rent everything you need from us.

Please click on the Browse Dive Sites link below to take a look at various areas throughout Okinawa that we visit.

The dive sites and depth to which we would guide you depend on your preference, your certification and experience level as well as on the sea conditions on that day.

Boat diving is certainly the most relaxing way to enjoy the ocean and allows reaching the largest number of dive sites. The duration of each boat dive is approximately 40-45 minutes.

Those of you who feel adventurous and would like to stay longer under water can also choose shore diving. However, that option is available only in the absence of waves and would limit the number of locations we could take you to.

If you are interested in observing the nocturnal marine life, we also offer night diving at selected dive sites.

In case you are a large group of divers, you might wish to charter an entire boat. Please refer to our boat charter page for details.

Okinawa fun diving
Okinawa fun diving
Okinawa fun diving