Okinawa Snorkeling

Okinawa snorkeling

If you would like to peek at the underwater world, but would prefer to do so from the surface, then choose our Okinawa snorkeling trips!

Even if you cannot swim, do not worry, the guide will always be in close proximity. In addition, we also provide all the safety gear so that you can comfortably and effortlessly float on the surface.

Just prepare yourself to be amazed by the beauty of the ocean and dip your face in the water.

The most fun that the majority of our guests have is when they feed the tropical fish!

The pictures we take of you, which you will receive as a present at the end, will make sure to keep a smile on your face well after the trip is over!

The time spent in the water is approximately 45 minutes if snorkeling from a boat, but could be >1 hour if snorkeling from the beach.

Okinawa snorkeling
Okinawa Maeda Blue Cave
Okinawa nemo