Rentals & Services

Onna Sensui Diving Shop offers a wide range of scuba tanks and scuba gear for rent. In addition, we do air fills, carry out visual and hydraulic inspection of scuba tanks, and manufacture custom wetsuits.


Scuba Tank Rentals & Air Fills

Onna Sensui scuba tanks rentalOnna Sensui Diving Shop owns an air compressor and offers a variety of scuba tanks for rent, including steel 14, 12, 10, and 8 liter tanks, aluminum 10, 8 and 7 liter tanks and double aluminum 10 liter tanks. The rental price  of single tanks does not depend on the tank size or type. All single tanks are equipped with yoke valves, while double tanks have DIN valves. If you absolutely need large 12 or 14 liter tanks, it is best to call and reserve in advance, as these tend to get rented out fairly early in the morning on weekends in the busy summer months. All tanks need to be returned on the day they were rented.

You can also get an air fill if you have your own tank with valid hydraulic and visual inspection stamps.

Price List

Tank Rental (single) ¥ 600
Air Fill ¥ 500


Gear Rentals

Onna Sensui scuba gear rentalIf you are a certified and experienced diver or snorkeler who would like to explore the ocean without a guide, but do not have your own gear, you can rent everything that you need from Onna Sensui Diving Shop, either as a set or separately. We would be happy to give those of you who are new to Okinawa a short introduction to the area and point out on the map the nearby dive sites that have shore access. However, please remember that if you are in an unfamiliar area, it is best to hire a dive guide to ensure your personal safety.

All rental gear should be handled with care and needs to be returned on the day it was rented.

Price List

Snorkel Set (wet suit, mask, snorkel, life jacket, boots, fins) ¥ 4320
BCD and Regulator Set (BCD, regulator, 1 tank) ¥ 3780
Diving Set (BCD, regulator, wet suit, mask, snorkel, boots, fins, 1 tank) ¥ 7020
BCD ¥ 2160
regulator ¥ 1620
wet suit ¥ 2160
mask and snorkel ¥ 1080
fins ¥ 1080
boots ¥ 540
weight belt ¥ 220
weight / kg ¥ 110


Scuba Tank Inspection & Maintenance

Tank RefurbishingOnna Sensui Diving Shop is qualified to carry out visual and hydraulic inspection of scuba tanks as well as tank valve maintenance. In addition, we can perform special refurbishment of aging steel scuba tanks. During that procedure, we strip off all the accumulated rust, inspect the remaining thickness and integrity of the tank to verify that it is within specifications and apply a metalicon coating, which stops further corrosion and prolongs the life of the tank by approximately 10 years. Please enquire for prices.


Custom Wetsuits

Onna Sensui custom wetsuitsOnna Sensui Diving Shop has decades of experience making custom wetsuits. You can choose from a number of various designs (one- or two-pieces) as well as neoprene types and thicknesses. Whatever your wishes and desires, we will do our best to fulfill them and make sure that you end up with a high quality wetsuit, which is durable, functional, unique, and aesthetically pleasing! Please enquire for details and prices.

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