Portside, Minna Island, Okinawa

Diving area


Experience level


Max. depth

18 m



Possibility to see

garden eels, dory, frogfish

As the name suggests, Portside is located just outside the port of Minna Island. Despite its proximity to the port, it is one of the sites around Minna Island with the most to offer. Just underneath the buoy, where the boat moors, is a mound of beautiful healthy corals. Various fish can be spotted here, including frogfish and surgeonfish (Dory), the latter one of which can rarely be seen around Okinawa. A little bit deeper is a wide open area with so many garden eels poking out of the sand that they look like grass. In the shallows, one can look into various nooks and crannies to find shrimps, eels and other critters.

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