Hedo Dome

Hedo Dome, Cape hedo, Okinawa

Diving area

Cape Hedo

Experience level


Max. depth

20 m



Possibility to see

cave, lobsters, stalactites

Hedo Dome is one of the most unique and breathtaking dive sites that Okinawa has to offer. It is an underwater cave with a wide entrance at about 15 meters of depth. As you go further into the cave, it gradually gets narrower and shallower up to the point where you can surface in a completely dark chamber, where you can take your regulator off and breathe the ambient air. The rock formations here are stunning. As you go back into the water on the way out, you can take a detour into a smaller chamber to the side where you can observe underwater stalactites. Needless to say, the cracks in the walls are home to many lobsters.

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