Gamen Hole

Gamen hole

Diving area

Onna Manza

Experience level


Max. depth

20 m



Possibility to see

cave, nudibranchs, corals

In Japanese the word gamen means face. The reason why this dive site is called Gamen Hole, or in other words Face Hole, is because at this location there is a cave on the side of the reef, and right above the cave stand two characteristic rock formations which resemble the silhouette of two faces looking at each other. The cave itself is a tunnel, which is not completely dark, as there is a narrow crack on one side. On a cloudless day, when the sun is at the right angle, the cave is illluminated in a very magical way by the rays of light. In addition, the shallow parts of this dive site has one of the most splendid corals on mainland Okinawa.

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