Manza Dream Hole

Manza dream hole

Diving area

Onna Manza

Experience level


Max. depth

40 m



Possibility to see

cave, lobsters, scorpion fish, garden eels

Manza Dream Hole is one of the gems in Okinawa. It is an L-shaped tunnel-like cave, open at both ends, which is located at the edge of the reef. The entry is at 6 meters and the diver needs to drop down vertically through a narrow opening into a large chamber. Inside the cave one can often spot huge lobsters as well as other marine life such as stone and scorpion fish. At the exit of the cave, located at 25-28 meters the diver swims through a curtain of fish, which is an unforgettable experience. Those with enough air in their tanks can venture even deeper to the sandy bottom outside of the cave exit where garden eels can be found. The dive can be ended by swimming back up along the reef wall and enjoying the splendid corals at shallower depth.

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