Okinawa Fun Diving

Onna Sensui Diving Shop offers a variety of marine activities on Okinawa main island including fun diving for certified divers, discover scuba diving for guests without a diving license, snorkeling, and boat charters. We cater for a wide range of levels - from those who are anxious about making their first encounter with the underwater world to seasoned veterans with thousands of dives in their logbooks. We keep our groups small to ensure that everyone receives plenty of individual attention from the guide and never mix participants with vastly different abilities. Please join us for an ocean adventure and let us make your Okinawan memories unforgettable!
We usually visit dive sites in the Cape Manza area, which are among the most beautiful on Okinawa main island. As these sites are literally in our backyard, we can take even single guests diving there on a short notice. However, depending on your wishes, we could also organize tours to the Maeda Blue Cave as well as further locations such as Minna Island, USS Emmons, Cape Hedo, Cape Zampa, and the Kerama Islands. These day trips are possible only for multiple participants and require advance booking.