Maejima, Keramas, Okinawa

Diving area

Kerama Islands

Experience level


Max. depth

15 m



Possibility to see

crevasses, sharks, rays

Maejima is often times the first stop of the day as we head for a trip to the Kerama Islands. The dive sites around Maejima that we visit most often are located on the southern tip and the west side of the island. The south part offers a myriad of crevasses, swim-throughs and beautiful rock formations. On a sunny day, this landscape gives you the feeling of constantly swimming through a curtain of sunlight, which fills you with joy. The west side of Maejima is one long, healthy reef, teeming with life, which is a thousand times better than the world's best man-made aquarium. There are a couple of crevasses here as well, full of lobsters, nudibranchs and other critters.

maejima kerama islands scuba dive map

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