Tonaki Island

Tonaki Island, Keramas, Okinawa

Diving area

Kerama Islands

Experience level


Max. depth

40 m



Possibility to see

caves, walls, corals, turtles

Tonaki Island is not strictly speaking a part of the Kerama Islands as it is located a bit further to the northwest of the archipelago. We come here only when the conditions are exceptional since it takes almost twice as long as to some of the other islands in the Keramas. Yet, there is a reason why we come here. There are a few dive sites, all of which are very different from each other. On the southeast corner of the island is a beautiful cave with multiple entrances, once of which is a circular hole with a diameter of about 3 meters situated at the very top. When you look up, you get the feeling that an eye is watching you. Further to the west is a vertical wall where sharks and tuna hunt for pray. The small fish playing around the corals create a sense of timelessness. Finally, to the east of the island is a beautiful sandy bay with more turtles than Gishippu Island.

tonaki kerama islands scuba dive map

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