Tokashiki Island

Tokashiki Island, Keramas, Okinawa

Diving area

Kerama Islands

Experience level


Max. depth

20 m



Possibility to see

corals, nudibranch, sharks

Tokashiki is the largest of the Kerama Islands. It spans several kilometers from north to south and forms a number of beautiful lagoons. The dive sites that we visit most often around Tokashiki are located on the east side of the island. Just south of Tokashiki port is an area with beautiful reefs in the shallow and deep crevasses that are cut into the ground. A bit further south is an area with sloping bottoms that leads to rock formation at depth with many healthy fan corals growing on top. Beyond that, as you move further south, is yet a different area with several dark tunnels with tiny cracks on the top, which on a sunny day look like shower room where divers can bathe in sunshine. The marine life consists of the usual suspects - turtles, reef sharks and many critters.

tokashiki kerama islands scuba dive map

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