Nakajima, Keramas, Okinawa

Diving area

Kerama Islands

Experience level


Max. depth

30 m



Possibility to see

turtles, rays, sharks

Nakajima is just north of its bigger sister Maejima and is one of the Kerama Islands closest to mainland Okinawa. We visit dive sites both to the east and the west of Nakajima. On the east side, one of the dive sites has sloping bottoms and many crevasses where numerous turtles, reef sharks and sting rays can be spotted. Just south of it is another dive site, which is half sandy bottom, half coral mounds. The sandy part has an area with garden eels and glass fish, while the corals are truly spectacular. On the west side of Nakajima is a dive site, which offers similar terrain with a mixture of reefs, sand, and plenty of marine life.

nakajima kerama islands scuba dive map

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